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So... What's a goth? (long)

Goths are typically the ones you see day to day, usually dressed in black, pale-fleshed, and quiet. Well, some of them anyway. There's a much greater difference in today's society of Gothic Culture than you think. This is rather sad and pathetic. Read-on young people!

First of all, there now seem to be categories of Goths. I've seen this on countless sites on the web, and I laugh like a sicko every time! Who did this? Who labelled a label? Who's brainstorm idea was it to take a simple singular culture, and divide it into other categories? Society? Other Goths? I'd like to meet the person responsible for this and pat him/her on the back for his/her effort at completely defeating the purpose. :) Moron!

Ok, so there are obviously different 'categories' now, and it's consequence is that it now puts these different 'types' of Goths into feuds and discrepancies with eachother. Look what you've done - it totally goes against the whole meaning and purpose.

I immediately got out of that due to this categorizing. All I ever wanted in life was to be myself, do what I wanted to do, and do it my way, now I have to consider what category I'm being placed in.

So, let's get back to basics. The original gothic subculture was introduced way back in the 60's and some believe that it even predates that. [Goth] is a breakaway-subculture stemming from the early Punk Movement dating back many years - a less aggressive bunch that wanted to slow down a bit, thus, got into different forms of music, different clothing styles, and ways of thinking, yet never really leaving their true influences.

Goths are generally nice people. They're honest, direct, dependable, and self sufficient. Goths are usually very well educated, and many cases, Goths are the ones that run alot of the stores, and corporations that hire the people that end up slandering them.

Nevermind the little 'kiddie goths' that you see on a far too regular basis. These are 'no minders', ones who cannot think for themselves, and usually end up passing straight through the 'goth-phase' with a little help from Mommy and Daddy's family councellor. :) You know the ones I mean - the little twirps with the makeup all over their faces that think it's 'oh so gothy' to take mommy's black eyeliner and draw paisley decorations all over their faces.

I agree that in many childhood cases, becoming a goth for the sheer purpose of pissing mommy off is a necessity to most of today's youth and therefore I commend you at the same time that I laugh at you.

These are the ones unfortunatly that create confusion as to what goth really is. There are litterally thousands upon thousands of these little kids running around sporting their little Manson T-shirts, and painted faces, with extreme vulgarities spewing from their black lips. (The joys of childhood)

Being 32 years old, and having lived many different lifestyles, I think it's safe to say that I know and understand what you're doing...However, Please stop, it's really fucking annoying.

I have an immense lack of respect for people who only want to 'experiment' with a life or just impliment a life for mere fashion. Live it! If it's you, it'll come naturally, and you wont resort to rebellion. Mind you, rebellion is also a good thing in itself, and to a degree, yet I don't think that doing something just because the kid that sits across from you in Math class looks cool in black is the reason.

Personally, I got into the 'gothic-look' simply out of gradual change. I'm a punk at heart and my roots are there. I've named punk bands to people and they had no idea who they were. So, I knew that it was the generation thing.

In simple terms, Goth is a culture. It contains individuality, respect for others (sometimes mere tolerance), intellect, social success, a flare for fashion, (expensive too!) and among other things, the ability to accept.

Goths are not typically Friday nite, let's get drunk and rumble types. (see Mansonites, above).

Moving Along... Vampires and Vampirism

You know what they are. In most cases, and similar to Goths (only by appearance), Vamps are an extremely sexual group. Erotisism and fetishism fall into this area as Vamps are self expressed people that feel a need for certain things, namely the blood of others. Don't get me wrong, I'm saying that all Vamps actually drink the blood of others, although some do.

Ingesters are more mysterious than most others. Some are Role-Players, and nothing more. Role-Players, or RPG'ers are simply people that read a bit too much Anne Rice and therefore follow a character line. Never really being themselves. Note If you're a Role-Player, fine, however, stop telling me you've been alive for hundreds of years. It's getting a bit old now.

Vampirism, in all it's beauty and aggression is a lifestyle that most people find utterly disgusting, however, it's just like eating raw steak, bloody. It's an acquired taste. I've met many people involved with Ingest Vampirism aside from myself, and I must say I have a great deal of respect for them, moreso than most other cultures. Why? They're unique. Truly unique, and wonderful people.

Don't get the wrong idea here. Ingesters don't ravage people and leave 'em for dead like on T.V., nor do we change into bats.(see RPGer's). It's an intense, erotic love play that takes place between two (or more) people.

Is it psychological? Could be. But I prefer to not anylize it. I go with the flow and I'm quite happy and content with the way my life is now. It's kind of like when you crave a smoke, and if you don't have one it takes over your mind, and body. Hence, a 'nic-fit'. Same thing with Vampirism. Believe me, it's far worse than your everyday nic-fit. It really makes you ill.

Can we fly? Sure. We buy plane tickets just like you do. Get off the Bram and Rice stuff for a bit and delve into this realm with me for a moment.

Vampires/Vampyres are an extremely seductive people. You know when you go into that donut shop and see that large cream-filled chocolate thingy with the sprinkles on it and it makes your mouth water? Multiply that feeling by a thousand, and you've got the Vampiric-Magnetism thing happening.

I see these chicks with perfect tits, round firm asses and perfect noses and just wanna puke. (Plastic people) make me sick. Besides, they all look the same to me. :) A beautful, pale, black-clad female Pyrical (Vamp) gives me a an insane hunger!

Are we gay? Sure. Some of us are. As in any culture breed, there are those that prefer the same sex. What's wrong with that? To each her/his own. Respect them, for they shall respect you too. I have lots of gay friends, and I show them the same respect I show toward my common friends. I'd be discriminating if I was indifferent to them.

Why do we dress in black? Cuz we like black. Why is that so hard to understand?

Do we have lives? Course we do. Look around. Most of us, much like traditional (mature) Goths are running your corporations. We're representing you in the Judicial System, We're probing you in the Operating Rooms, We're developing the software you're using to view these sites, We're designing things like the Canada arm for the N.A.S.A. Space Projects. We're you neighbour, your friend.

Is it a passing phase? Not for 98% of us. It's our life, and we love it thank you kindly. :)

Credit for this article goes to http://www.gothicunderworld.com/


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  • Proposition 8.

    Please go watch it. Completely work safe, only six-and-a-half minutes. YouTube video featuring Keith Olbermann's standpoint on California's…

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