Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

I received an anonymous comment on my last post:
I Know what to make of this... You were too lazy/scared to do a little bit of soul searching.. so instead you decided to let everyone else do it *for* you...
Maybe if I knew you better I'd have something to say but really I don't.

I have posted my response below. Explanation of why at the end.

Soul searching... Now there's a broad term. Let's delve into that for a minute, shall we?

It could mean that I simply want to know in reality what people think of what I write and who I am. It could simply be that I am searching for the truth in everyone's soul in regards to me. Or it could imply that I'm attempting quite lamely to use livejournal to instigate something in the realm of my love life. We'll take these all singly:

In reality, what people think of what I write means quite a lot to me, but that does not mean that I am about to go out rampantly in search of random comments. If I were to go about comment whoring, I certainly wouldn't do it like this... I'd do something odd like write a poll about penis size, or an entire entry in binary, or something else. ;) What people think of me as a person means a bit less to me than what they think of my thoughts or writing (collectively called a 'journal' in this case) simply because if they are going to judge me by something besides my thoughts or writing, it's going to be an innacurate judgement. I say this simply because I don't see what else to truly judge someone by except their personality, or in this case, their journal.

The truth in everyone's soul in regards to me. Hmm. Nope, not what I'm after. Simply not. If it was, I'd ask. I'd be blunt enough to just ask. :)

Using livejournal to instigate something in my love life? Thank you, but no. I would much rather see a person face to face and have a non-digital relationship first. I can read people better in person than I can online, despite the widely-accepted theory that people are more open online because they can hide easier later. I'm actually quite acceptant of my love-life as it is right now. No, that doesn't mean I am happy waking up alone, but I have come to terms with it and realized that it does no good to be depressed and angsty about it because that it just more likely to drive people away than it is to attract them. (Except maybe in the goth scene... Hmmm.)

Maybe I am lazy. :) I think in reality I just didn't have anything constructive or enlightening to post today and figured I'd give you all a chance at free expression and I would see what I could make out of it all. Like this post.

I suppose that this could be a certain kind of 'soul searching', but I've always associated a much deeper meaning than "lazy" to it... I think it was simply me looking for a new topic to write about because I didn't feel like writing about work, or house, or stress, or girl, or club.


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