Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

Ok. Posting a bit late.

Deathguild on Monday night started out badly. The first person I saw there was "HI! My name is Jenny!", and she was just as perky and full of pep as she was 2 weeks ago. The first thing she said to me was "Hi! How are you?" The second thing was "I'm single! I dumped my boyfriend last weekend." *sigh* Why do people think I care? Oh well. The night got much much better after that. Glas Kat (the new venue) has an indoor smoking room, so I didn't have to freeze while I got my fix. KrysKat let me rant at her for a few minutes about Jenny, and I'm very thankful for that. I felt much better. After that, at one point while Jenny was hounding me on the dancefloor, this chick bounced right between us and started dancing with me. Wow. Thank god for small favors. I still don't know her name, but I talked to her after club and it turns out that A) She's married. B) She really liked dancing with me. C) She wasn't trying to take me home. YAY! I have a new dancing partner! One that isn't trying to fuck me!

I spent most of yesterday working on the coffeeshop's website: http://www.naniscoffee.com/ and trying to fix the fuck-ups that the guy who did it before made. Fucking moron. But it's all fixed now, I basically redid the entire thing from the ground up. Comments or suggestions welcome. :)

So Matrix 3 opens tonight. I've got tickets to see it on the IMAX screen at the Loewes Metreon at 11:50pm. Yay! It'll be fun even if the movie sucks. Doubtful, but it could happen. Are any of the rest of you living in the Bay Area going to that showing? If so, feel free to scan the line for me and hop in with me. I've got a friend line-sitting starting at about 7:30pm. Look for us near the front.

People voted yesterday to increase the minumum wage in San Francisco to $8.50/hour. Hmmmm... At the rate things are going, I could afford to work at McDonalds. I'd rather work in this coffeeshop... Speaking of... I'm at work right now, running the shop. :) Lotsa fun. I should actually go work I suppose.


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