Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

My trip to New Orleans.

Back from New Orleans. Here's the lowdown:


The wedding was a lot of fun. Well... As much fun as a goth could make a catholic full mass wedding and not get kicked out. I was there in all black, wearing my 20-eye/5-buckle boots, a black tie with a pentacle tie-tack, I was the only guy there with long hair. I had a fucking blast! :D The sheer closemindedness of the catholic community never ceases to amaze me. I knew a total of 2 people there: Sarah and Angee. Angee was the one getting married, and Sarah's a mutual friend of ours. Sarah and I were sitting on the bride's side of the church fairly early, having gotten there with the groom. We were sitting in the third pew from the front. By the end of the ceremony, every other pew in the building had at least 10 people in it except ours. We were utterly alone in it. I was laughing out loud outside the church right after it. Angee looked beautiful, wonderful wedding dress, nice groom, nice overall. The pastor came up to me afterwards and thanked me for being there. I'm still a little confused by that because the only thing I can really think of him thanking me for was being quiet and not busting out laughing in the middle of the ceremony. Stupid catholics.

After the ceremony, the reception was a lot of fun. Even down to the goth girl that worked at the reception hall flirting with me all night. I enjoyed that. I even got her to dance with me, though I don't remember her name. ;)


So sunday morning we (Sarah and I) woke up at about 10am, went down to the quarter. Wandered around for a while, browsed the french market, walked through Riverwalk, I foiled a pickpocket and then followed him for two blocks until he got scared and ran into the Gap. :D I love people. Went back to the quarter for dinner, general amusement, etc for a few hours. Found a neat little coffeehouse that reminded me a lot of Insomnia called "Z'OTZ" and stayed there for about 3 hours. Then hit up a place called "The Dungeon". Neat place. Opened at midnight and didn't close until sunrise. Wonderful interior decorations, skulls, fiery paintings, a guillotine, a really cute industrial chick bartender that played music for me that wasn't in their list just because she happened to have it. Good heavy gothy music all night, I didn't dance but to one song, but we had a lot of fun. (I was sober, she was not.) Went back to the hotel at about 4:30am and didn't wake up until 2pm on monday afternoon. Headed back down to the quarter for another day of fun and such. Ended up having breakfast with the bouncer from the Dungeon the night before... Browsed around, had beignets, really bad coffee (that I took one sip of and then left on the table), and found a quaint little used-bookstore that I picked up a copy of Neuromancer in. (Had to have something to do on the plane ride back...) Went on one of the guided tours in the quarter. This one specifically was of 'haunted' houses and vampire stories and such. Not a cemetary tour, but was a lot of fun and a good history lesson as well. Stopped in at a metal bar called The Whirling Dervish, saw the bouncer again (he had suggested the place to us.) and he flirted with Sarah some more. :) I was greatly amused, and she was very flattered.

That was my trip in a nutshell. There were more details, but nothing of great interest. I'm glad to be back in San Francisco now.


I'm immensely amused by gothicmatch.com
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