Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

Just got home from the Ani DiFranco concert. Had a whole lot of fun. I'm glad I finally got to see her live. All thanks to whiskeypants for the free ticket. Big hugs to her. :)

Brought back a lot of memories of an ex-girlfriend, though I think it was a good thing. I had a blast, and the music was good. The eye-candy was good too. ;)

Someone actually did yell "Play Freebird!" in the middle of the show during a pause between songs... Go figure. Loved the show, good opening one-man band (rock-folk stuff), fantastic light setup. I want those lights for either my house or a club. Was magnificent. I hope to see her next time she's in the area. And next time, I'm paying for someone else instead of the other way around.

Anyway, I need to finish packing for my flight in 6 hours. I'm obviously not sleeping between now and then. I'll be missing you all greatly and I'll be back in town on Tuesday afternoon, and back at my normal spot in the coffeehouse on Tuesday night.


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