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In today's news.

Well, the standards committee finally got around to standardizing the new wireless protocol 802.11g last Thursday. :) Yay! This means that the prices of 802.11b will be going down soon, and I may have to invest. Other things of interest, there's a little coffee shop here in San Francisco named Nani's that has free wireless internet access available to all of it's customers. Go them!
So if I were to move out here to San Francisco, I'd have a place to stay, reliable roommates, and connections in the movie business (that do me little good except that I can say I know them). I think it's definetly more lively here than it ever could be in Albuquerque, even given the current rate of growth there. Albuquerque is in the process of growing -out-, while San Francisco has been growing -up-. It's an entirely different experience.
The company that my father works for just got sued for $93.6 million... and lost. Apparently they lied to the government and their customers about the possible health issues and problems involved in one of their products... The comapnies products include: Pacemakers, heart valve bypasses, artifical valves, aortal stimulators, etc... 12 people died as a result of their lack of good judgement. the $93.6 million that they're paying now is almost equal to their first quarter earnings of $94.2 million. Hmmm... Makes you think... 12 people died, the company lost the suit, and they're only losing 1/4 of one year's worth of income...
I think I should buy a new car. Possibly a Mini Cooper S. They start at about $19,975... and I actually fit into it! Lotsa fun to drive, supercharged, go check one out at www.miniusa.com :)
So I have to do all of this on a little iBook. It's either that, or go use the computer running Debian Linux... Which wouldn't normally be a problem, but the computer also has no mouse... which would mean that I'd be stuck doing this with a text browser like Lynx... Thanks, but I'll muddle through on the iBook for now.
I'm probably going to go back to the goth club I went to last week. Death Guild. www.deathguild.com Also of note is the DNA Lounge, clicky me who's owner is a minor guru of note in the open source world. Jamie Zawinski. :) I might stop by there on some night when it -isn't- $20/head. Besides that, most of my time has been spent reading books at home (my brother's aparment), or at little tiny coffee shops like Nani's.
I'll stick something else on here tomorrow probably... I find I have a lot of spare time on my hands out here. I'm sure that will change when I start to meet people.

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