Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

It's remarkable how quickly the computer world changes isn't it? Last week I was asked to give a recommendation on what to look for in a notebook, and so I muttered something about "as long as it has a Centrino chip..." as I fished out change for a latte. Yes, coffee is a major influence, but so is spending your hard earned money wisely. Now take the newly announced Transmeta Efficeon CPU. This a processor bread for specifically for notebooks. It has several very tantalizing features such as low power consumption, HyperTransport, DDR400 support, integrated 4X-AGP support, 1MB L2 cache and its own on-chip Northbridge. And remember, all of that is designed just for a notebook. While the Efficeon is now out, it may take a few more weeks for Efficeon-based notebooks to actually materialize. In the mean time, it appears as though Transmeta have finally produced a processor able to complete on equal footing with Intel's Centrino. So when I was asked today what kind of notebook I'd recommend, the answer was obviously a little more complicated...


Addendum / Edit:
From the Efficeon website at http://www.efficeon.com/ :
The Efficeon TM8600 processor was designed to run with the full suite of x86 compatible operating systems, including Microsoft Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. The Efficeon TM8600 processor was also designed to work optimally with Linux operating systems.

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