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Ok. That was, by far, the best night at club I have -ever- had.
Mark and Ronan (VNV Nation) were there. They weren't playing, or doing a show, they were spinning. Wow. I think they played a total of one song that I didn't dance to. I was dripping sweat (literally), I am very very tired now, mildly sore, and I really want them to come back now.
Saw a bunch of people I knew, and about 150 that I didn't. The place was packed. This was the last night at that venue since it's closing. Next week we start at a new(old) place called the Glas Kat. It used to be called the Trocadero, but has since then been remodeled and changed ownership. When it was called the Troc, Deathguild was there. 1994-1997. Now we're going back. I have no idea what this place is like.
Not a single random chick tried to dance with me. This just made my night even better. I was actually free to flail around and not worry about maiming someone... Sorta. There were a couple people that were incessantly in my way, but after I smacked 'em a couple times with my eyes shut, they got the hint and moved. (though I did have to elbow one chick in the head 3 times before she realized that I wasn't going to move for her fat-ass just because she was walking backwards... stupid bitch. maybe she'll learn this time. I've elbowed her in the head twice before tonight as well.) I stand still when I dance sometimes... lotsa upper body movement, some bobbing, but my feet generally stay planted. People can't quite grasp the fact that when my feet are planted and my eyes are closed, that if they step right the fuck in front of me, they are going to get hit. Especially when the DJ is playing really good industrial.
I caught a free t-shirt, though it took some struggling to convince the other guy to let the fuck go before I stabbed him in the eye with death. I would have bought one if I hadn't caught this one. It's got a slight rip from where the idiot wouldn't let go, but I suppose that's just character.
I smoked -2- cigarettes from the time I left the house til the time I got back. One outside while I was waiting for them to open at 9:30, and the other afterwards, at 2:10 before I drove home.

Good god. I mean, w0w. Hopefully I'll have more nights like this.


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