Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

Q/A So far.

</a></b></a>datamoon -- what in the fuck?
Kinda hard to manage that when you're 1200 miles away.
</a></b></a>avatarofblood -- why did you move?
Realistically, I came out here with the intent of staying for 2 days. I came out for my brother's wedding. Then I just never left... :)
</a></b></a>paisleychick -- what do you want to do when you grow up?
I'm not sure I really know the answer to that question... I've thought about a lot of different things, and currently, I'd like to get back to school as a means of really deciding.
</a></b></a>elfmoogle -- Do you get to burning?
Yah... Everyday. Um. What?
</a></b></a>tymeschizm -- /smartass on. what kind of question would you like?
That one was fine. :)
</a></b></a>kayamackan -- Does 2+2=12?
Only in your little world where the unicorns eat nothing but cream cheese danishes covered in lemon curd.
-- Would you rather have a days long argument with your girlfriend, or just beat the crap out of eachother for 10 minutes and get it over with.
I'd rather argue all day. I really am that pacifistic.
</a></b></a>jilflirt -- Does magic exist?
</a></b></a>larknorthstar -- Does anyone really know what goes on in your head?
You tell me. ;) Seriously though, I'm sure there are people that have a pretty good idea how I think.
</a></b></a>academichussy -- How big is your penis? :)
7.75" long, and about 1.5" in diameter.
</a></b></a>misterpixy -- Why does marijuana act like kryptonite against drama queens?
Pix, you are a much better person to answer that than I. I haven't been around both marijauna and drama queens at the same time in about 6 years now.
</a></b></a>paean -- What is the Square Root of Pi?
</a></b></a>wvwdarkladywvw -- What would be the least amout of cash that you feel that you could take a sacure hold of your life with.
$0. Money is not what is required to get a secure hold on your life. Happiness is. If you are happy overall, you will find that you're more productive at work, at finding work, and at socialization. All of these things lead to a more secure financial future, and therefore, the root of security is not money, it's happiness.


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