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Club Edict (or How to be a Responsible Club-Goer) - By Peter Shipley

One recurring problem with good clubs with an open door policy is that, once they are discovered, it is only a matter of months or even weeks before all the elements that made them attractive are corroded and diluted by hordes of "mundane" or "tourists." When attending a club or a dance hall (or, for the matter, any organized social event) that tries to maintain a constant theme and atmosphere, it is your responsibility to participate in maintaining the selected theme or atmosphere. This is because, just by being there, you will affect the club environment. For example, wearing fluorescent clothing may be acceptable and encouraged at a rave, but at a Gothic event it will stand out more than a Puritan in a nudist colony. While this may be humorous to some (maybe even the one dressed in day-glow) it detracts from the environment and ruins the illusion that is being created for the other people, who are working to maintain it and paying to experience it.

Regulars at clubs or dance halls typically have a wardrobe or selection of clothes they wear almost exclusively to dance clubs. Their purpose is generally to allow the wearer to be able to dance without succumbing to heat prostration, while still making them look their best. "Club clothes" styles tend to be more daring than someone would normally be willing to wear in public. It should thus be noted that one should not make the assumption that, because someone is in "club clothes" which are on the skimpy side, they are looking for sex or interested in sex with any random person.

Another responsibility of maintaining club atmosphere is behavior. In a rough environment, it is OK to jump on tables and swing from the ceiling fixtures while doing your best Tarzan yell. At a Gothic event, what is far more acceptable is to stand quietly and look aloof and distant.

Dancing styles also vary greatly from club to club, again based on the theme and atmosphere. In a Gothic atmosphere, one rarely dances with another as a couple; most dance alone. Conversely, at a country-western bar, partner dancing is almost the only type of dancing.

Acceptable social interaction is always a difficult thing to gauge, but it is very important to learn. Again, what is deemed acceptable varies greatly from location to location. At a bondage event it may be common to see one person spank another, but this in no way means that you may strike the person, simply because they are willing to be spanked by someone else. (The reasonings for this and the desires that explain thus behavior are beyond the scope of this text).

I just thought I'd share this wonderful piece.


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