Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

Ok. So I'm about to depart Houston for San Francisco. I'm going to spend the bulk of the flight back (4 hours) writing this entry.

Over the last few days I've met lots of people that I'm really glad I got a chance to finally see, hug, and actually get to know them. I had a shitload of fun overall, and by far the best birthday in years.

I'll give you a basic rundown of the people I met and my impressions of them:
Kaya - She flew me out there. I still love her to death. She's a good person overall, and I finally got to exchange more than 2 words with her boyfriend when he showed up on Sunday night. (see "Kiddian")
Lark - Absouletly wonderful girl, is the butt of too many jokes, and still manages to take it all with a smile. "Winky the one-eyed, raptor-assed eunuch" I hope I get a chance to see her again sometime.
gNat - Yup, she's pregnant, hilarious, witty, and I really look forward to meeting her kid one day. She and Rob are going to be good parents I think... Or very warped ones.
Rob - Lotsa fun, good guy. He's a lot of fun to hang out with, and I think it scared gNat how well he and I clicked.
Kiddian - Ok, so four words wasn't a whole lot more than I was expecting out of him, but it was nice to finally get a face-to-face impression of him.
Remiel - Nothing out of the ordinary there. He was just about like I expected him to be, except a bit taller. I even got him to give me a hug!
Fael - Yup, she's Fael. If you don't know her, there's no way I'm going to be able to portray her correctly in text. Only she has that power of evil... She the one that gave me coffee as a birthday present.
Mikela - Good kid. I think it kinda shocked her that I was willing to give her advice in person just as much as I was online. I'm happy that I met her finally.
Sorsha - Gave me the best birthday present possible in the form of a 35 minute neck rub. Dammit, and she was even cuter than she was when I met her at clan a few years ago. I think I was more relaxed after we left that coffeehouse than I've been in months. And that was taking into consideration that I had drunk 9 shots of espresso. Wow.
Drew - Ok, so the forces of the universe were conspiring to keep us from meeting at long last... This time in the manifestation of his one week old car breaking it's timing belt. Well sonofabitch. So we drove from San Marcos down to San Antonia to pick him up on Saturday night after we left the babyshower for gNat.
Those are the people that made the most impact on me while I was down there. I also met Bazil, Sergio, Lizzard, and Larry (Fael's Husband, not Dalius). There were like 10 other people at the babyshower that I don't remember or don't care about that I also met. *shrugs* Oh well...
That's the people I met, those are my impressions. I'm sure most of them will read this or be told about it so I tried to be as honest as possible. I want to see all of you again, and I really hope I will, but I know it probably is not going to be anytime soon. I at least want to see gNat after she has the kid, and dammit, I want Sorsha to rub my neck again.

And that was very definetly the best birthday I have had in years. We spent the evening Sunday night at a coffeehouse in Austin called Metro. Neat place, good coffee, 2 story brick building that was the first building I have smoked inside of since June 4th. w00t. Fael handed me two cans of coffee when she got there and I nearly beaned her with them. 15 minutes later, they all tried to start singing to me. I got all the way over the rail of the 2nd story balcony before they realized that I really was going to jump down if they didn't quit singing. :) I love getting my way. So we all sat and talked and smoked and drank triple mochas and I fazed out of the conversation when Sorsha started rubbing my neck. We all cleared out of there at about 10:30, and then a few of us went to take Drew home only to get as far as Mikela's car when the gods that apparently hate him decided that it wasn't even going to start. So we tried to jump it with Kaya's car, it didn't do -anything-, so we took Drew back to San Antonio in Kaya's car. This morning, Kaya's car wouldn't start until we jumped it with Rob's van. Good god, the car deity hated this group of people apparently. Oh well. Things worked out ok in the end.

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