Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

So today I have embarked on the grand adventure of installing linux on my laptop. Redhat 9 is the distro I decided to go with since it had out of the box support for the iLINK dvd-rom drive that I'd be installing from, and as such, I wouldn't have to do an ftp-style install after booting from a floppy.

So it's installed, and I've got a workable gui, and it dual boots with the Windows2k that I have been using.

Current problems/issues:

I'm currently searching for -any- info that anyone might have in reference to getting a Linksys WPC54G pcmcia wireless lan card working in linux. They made it with a broadcom 54g chipset, and as such, I've been unable to find drivers for it yet. I do have wired ethernet, and it appears to be working just fine so far. But I'd really like to use the wireless in linux as well. I might have to go find an older wireless card since broadcom seems to have no interest in releasing even a binary driver for their 54g chipset.

Sound didn't work during install, but everyone else that has posted info about linux on this model laptop said that they got it working just fine, so I'm going to try a couple things and we'll see what's up.

Video works perfectly at 1024x768, running either KDE3, or Gnome.

It recognized and installed support for the memory stick reader as a removable usb drive. Yay. I have nothing else that uses memory sticks yet, but who knows... it may come in handy.

My to do list is currently:

  • sjog - for setting up the center jog dial

  • wmacpi - for monitoring battery status

  • gkacpi - plugin for gkrellm battery status

  • acpid - utils for acpi

  • spicctrl - an app to set brightness from the console

  • finding a reason to test the modem

If any of you have any suggestions on other packages that I should take a look at, feel free to let me know. :)


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