Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

My massive lack of sleep

Ok. So I couldn't sleep last night. I tried, believe me I did. I was at home and since my brother found out about the OpenSSH security hole, he disconnected his home server. Understandable, but it left me without internet at home. So I had to make do with just my computer...

I decided it was time for me to try my hand at 3D digital rendering. Realistically, not just with Bryce 5, doing polyhedrons and such. So I played around with poser until I got the hand of it and then attempted a -project-.
I attempted to make a personalized version of a very popular digitalblasphemy.com image from scratch. The image that I used for my model is Chamelea. I spent about 8 hours total on this project from about midnight til about 11 am this morning. My final product I am rather proud of and I'm hoping that you folks will give me some feedback.
xandersedge1600x1200.png. I have digitally signed/watermarked the image and retain all copyrights. If you wish to use it for your personal viewing enjoyment, or as your desktop background, feel free. Please give me credit though.

I also made a new icon out of a different view of it. I have made a couple different icons and am sending them out to select people. :)

Feedback. Good? Bad? Suggestions?

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