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  So today was a little more productive than yesterday.  I sent out
  quite a few more copies of my resume today.  I tried calling some
  place back that left a message and ended up leaving my own
  message with them...  Phone tag...  *grumble*

  I decided to do a simple ascii thing for my post today.  I like
  my little ascii dragons.  They're simple and posable. :)  For
  those of you that left one of the numerous comments on my
  previous posts of ascii art:  If you have any requests, please
  tell me.  I'm not the most creative guy when it comes to thinking
  up content.  Or in this case, thinking up what to draw.

  I'm currently fretting about stuff, but I've realized that most
  of the stuff that I fret about is money-related.  I pause to
  wonder how much my life would be different if I didn't have to
  worry about my financial security every day.  If I had a job or
  even a career that would provide me a steady income.  I'm not
  sure if I really know what I would do then.  I imagine that human
  nature would take over and I'd find myself fretting about my lack
  of a relationship/love-life, or about how most of my family
  doesn't seem to have the slightest clue what life was like for me
  when I was growing up.  No, I don't mean that I think that my
  parents never experienced my age, I mean that when they
  experienced it, the country wasn't in hands of a fucking lunatic
  of a president, there actually were jobs to be had at reasonable
  income levels, and computers didn't run the world.  Such
  differences would lend credence to the theory that they really
  aren't in touch with what it is/was like for my generation to
  grow up, and that given the rate of technological change in
  todays world, we will have no clue what it will be like for our
  kids to grow up.  Ah well, I've gotten off onto a tangent.

  I had a good debate with a friend of mine about free office
  software vs. Microsoft Office.  Took almost an hour. :)  I got her
  to try OpenOffice.org.  Yay!  I love being convincing.  I can sell
  things well apparently.

  I need a job.  I need a job badly.  I need a job before I'm forced
  to go back to New Mexico due to lack of money.  That might come
  sooner than I hope.  Fuck.


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