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Job Interview.

Soooo..... I spent 3 hours in a single interview today down in Sunnyvale for a company called KnowNow. I had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before the interview. That was a new thing to me. :) My cousin works there and has for almost 3 years now. He apparently gave me a good reference before I even got called for the interview... It's nice to have family sometimes. I interviewed for the position of "Technical Support Representative", though not in the typical sense of "Here's your cubicle, here's your headset, have a seat." It was more a thing of "Email, database, occasional phone call at 3am, and you're going to be responsible for building the knowledge base from scratch." Hrm. Yay! A job that will keep me busy instead of bored. The interview was with 4 of the company's 'higer ups', and I think I hit it off pretty well with all of them, I got them all to laugh at least once, and think I portrayed myself accurately as the person that they need for that position. I think I hit it off the best with a guy named Rajeev Dave. He's the guy who would be directly in charge of the position, and also one of the 6 or 7 people that has been there longer than a year... Can't really go into much more detail.

That was the most stressful 3 hours I have had in many many months. Wow. icky.

Besides that, my day went smoothly. I found out that it's about an hour to commute by car from here to there, and about 2 hours on public transit. Given the price of gas, I'm not sure which is cheaper at this point. Ah well... Not like I have a car to compare to...

Got a check for some web-design work I did previously. That's always nice. :) The guy might need more stuff done in the near future... goodie! (yes, I did really just use the word 'goodie' in a non-sarcastic sense)

I've been awake since 6:45 this morning. That was the end of a 40 minute nap. I actually woke up at about 1:50ish... My sleep schedule is so utterly fucked right now.

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