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tymeschizm asked these questions:

(1) 42. your thoughts?

(2) should marijana be legal? why or why not?
Very interesting question with a very dull answer: Yes, for medicinal purposes. It is the painkiller of choice in South America for use during childbirth. It also was one of this nation's first cash-crops. It should be just as legal as tobacco, and regulated just as much.

(3) given the current global political situation, how many bullets to the forhead do you think GWB deserves?
0. I would much rather see him publicly humiliated via a vote of no-confidence or a recall or an impeachment.

(4) do you realize how many people actually miss you back here in abq?
Yes, I do. I talk to all 3 of you on a regular basis.

(5) when the fuck are you gonna come back and at least say goodbye to us?
Possibly around Labor Day. Still need to work out details on that. I will be sure to post the details up here when I do finally get them down in concrete. You will have at least a week or two of warning, don't worry.

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