Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

avatarofblood gave me these 5 questions:
(1) everyone else is realy doing this?
I've been reading through lots and lots of friends journals. Yes, lots of people are doing this.

(2) Whats the one thing about me that you hate and why?
You are very impulsive and rash. You often try to act older than you actually are, without giving enough time to enjoy what youth you have left.

(3) if you were Steven tyler and could have sex with anyone who would you have sex with?
Myself. (as in, steven tyler)

(4) You are given a briefcase with a untraceable gun and a hundred bullets inside, what would you do?
That would greatly depend on what type of gun and what type of bullets. If we're talking a little handgun of some sort, I would probably sell it for the money as I think that would do me more good. If we're talking sniper rifle, then I'd most likely stick it in a closet somewhere instead of running the risk that it would fall into the hands of a true lunatic.

(5) If you could change the world in a negitve way for everyone what would you change?
I don't know that I'd change much of anything, or that there is any -one- thing that would be considered a 'negative way' to -everyone-. People tend to have different views on what is negative and what is not. For example, if I were to lower the global temperature average by 5 degrees, some people wouldn't notice, some would bitch, and some would thank me.


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