Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,


That was amusing... I just had some idiot threaten to break my "punk neck" for not having change for a dollar. I was standing outside the coffeehouse smoking and he just walked by, asked if I had change for a dollar, I said politely no, he asked if I was hard of hearing. Apparently this was the second or third time he tried asking me... I said 'Excuse me?' because I really had barely heard him over the din of the traffic going by about 3 feet away. He evidently didn't like that and said "I bet you do have change for a fucking dollar. I ought to break your punk neck for lying to me. Fucking homosexual." At that point I just kinda looked away and shrugged
He called me a woman and walked off. How silly.

I hate people sometimes. Ok... most of the time. This was just a good reminder of that.


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