Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

Work Ethic

So there seems to be a small bit of confusion over my level of work ethic from last night. After I was professional enough to allow Corey and her husband into DNA to start with she apparently (using words from a friend of hers) "ran around the club all night proclaiming her future innocence when she and you (me - Jay) get into it later".

Now... I had no real issue letting them in. I didn't say a single word to either of them. I only touched them both once to put the handstamp on their wrist. I even went so far as to ensure that I wasn't posted inside while they were in the building specifically so I didn't have to deal with -any- sort of drama from this. What it all amounts to is that I went to a fairly large amount of effort to treat then like I treat everyone who goes ther that I don't know, and even some extra by avoiding being inside. Keep in mind through all of this that I had been told that if I felt it would be a personal issue that I simply should not let her in to start with.

There's a level of maturity that I require from people that want to interact with me. Until she starts displaying it, she remains written off.

Next please.


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