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Defcon Shoot.

Some of you might have gone to the Defcon Shoot this last weekend at Defcon in Las Vegas. You might have noticed that the Shoot was organized by a guy who goes by CHS, and that he was not at the shoot.

> So before rumors abound, let me clue you folks in. CHS was
> driving home from a friends house when he was stopped by CSU Fullerton
> Police (thats right folks, campus police are real cops, who knew). They
> pulled him over because his tags were expired. They then asked for his
> license and got his State ID instead, apparently CHS hadnt gotten around
> to getting his license renewed. One things leads to another and they
> search his car. At this point they find tannerite, black powder, cannon
> fuse, and 'survivalist equipment' (cammo, tents, camping shit). They freak
> out and call the bomb squad. Bomb squad eventualy leaves and they take CHS
> into custody. The ATF shows up at this point, however they make the
> observation that they dont see a case here and then leave. the Orange
> County DA however feels there is a case and charges him with 2 counts of
> posession of a destructive device and posession of a switchblade.
> Apparently the arguement there is that under the letter of CA law
> tannerite is illegal. They are also arguing that the black powder and
> cannon fuse is a no-no too, but with that one they have to show intent to
> do harm or any black powder shooter or reloader would be violating the
> law. I personaly dont think they have much of a case as they held him in
> jail as long as they could so they could search his apartment 3 seperate
> times. That tells me they are looking for ANYTHING, and well while CHS may
> have 0 discression, he is a law abiding citizen. Theres a whole lot more
> going on as well, but it dosent need to be brought up here. I just wanted
> to give you the gist of whats happening.

I've been unable to find any news on the actual even except this cached link at google.

Reasons that the Patriot Act sucks. Read the above snip.



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Aug. 8th, 2003 07:06 am (UTC)
The Patriot Act isn't.
Aug. 8th, 2003 07:16 am (UTC)
They should have called it the Nationalism Act. Patriotism and Nationalism are -not- the same thing and they've been working on Nationalism since Bush said "Either you're with us, or you're against us."

I guess I'm against 'them' if that's the case.

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