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The AIDS Walk

So the San Francisco Annual AIDS Walk is coming up in a week or so. Like many people in my generation, I know someone who has AIDS. My life has been affected by the epidemic. I am walking the AIDS Walk as part of the SF Goth team of walkers in an attempt to raise funds that go towards AIDS research and awareness. If you have it in your hearts to help this cause, you can donate directly in my name and help me reach our fundraising goal. My donation page is here

If that link doesn't work for you, you can go to http://www.aidswalk.net/sanfran/ and click on "Sponsor a Walker" on the left hand side. Type in my first and last name and Viola!

Even if you don't know someone who has AIDS or HIV, given that statistics currently state that 1 in 4 people who have AIDS don't even know it themselves. I'm not going to give lots of numbers, or statistics that might be out of date, or other fairly pointless data. I am going to just ask you to keep this in mind over the next week. If you find that you have an extra $1, $10, $100, whatever. Help a good cause.

Thank you,
Jay Sittler

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