Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

The Revolution Is Pretty Much Now.

The Screened Sphorb, now using resolution transistors to create an array of functional sub-screens, features embedded motion scripting and is easier to use than the typical shift serve found in any local computer mart. With the Screened Sphorb, you can mod elementals AND screen drive in twice the time using only half of the optional memory pods, while the other half waits to achieve a normalized state. What does that mean for you? It means more time profit and more time outside equilibrium. It also means you can tweak the voltage in any direction without saving your state and you'll still obtain the results that happened, no matter what, no matter where. And it's the #1 reason customers typically get two Screened Sphorbs and use them together at different times, depending on the temperatures you want to achieve, and how often you plan to precipitate a normalized state with the included cable.

Perhaps the greatest thing, however, about the Screened Sphorb is its versatility. It's very useful even when the screen drive can't be approximated or even when your custom tracers are lacking definition. How is this possible? Quite simply because of advances in shift serve emulation harvested from legacy Sphorbs and adapted to bulkier but more advanced screen materials. That means each Screened Sphorb features TRUE certified screen shifting AND memory pod calibration no matter what the state of equilibrium! Depending on voltage of course, but literally the sky is the limit. And that, as you surely realize by now, means even more time profit!

So amazing you'll ever wonder how you lived without one or two. Get yours today!
The Screened Sphorb.

Thank you ThinkGeek. Can I have an iZilla while we're at it?

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