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Ok, now there's a bit of forward thinking. Why can't more people realize the possibilities of making an item do more than one simple thing? I really want one of these. Details:
The first official Swiss Army knife with a built-in MP3 player. Housed in an aluminum case the tiny removable MP3 player features a high-quality 3 line LCD display and 1 GB of storage capacity. It handles multiple file formats, can be used as a flash drive for your files, and recharges its built-in battery via USB connection.

Now that's hot.

In other news, I got a new phone from my office yesterday. They apparently got tired of all the dropped calls that we were getting from T-Mobile and decided to switch over to Cingular... And in the process decided to spend $1500 on new phones for those of us in the management office... *headdesk* $250 phone... camera, voice, even has a built in radio. I think the only thing it doesn't do is play mp3s... except that it does, it just has no media slot, so it simply can use mp3s as ringtones... Go figure. Nokia 6102 is what they got us. Now I've got e-mail in my pocket...

We got the 'go-ahead' on redoing the company website, so I'm going to start forward with doing that sometime this week. Yay! I get to learn all about how to manage Apache, PHP5, etc. First thing I need to do is modify the existing site so that it doesn't use the host-server specific scripts and built-in proprietary crap. Yay... Schtupid SBC.


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