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So I've turned down my first promotion offer. they want me to drive almost 30 miles to get to the other Best Buy store in San Carlos. No can do. Not with the piddly amount that they're paying me.

And I've started doing web-design/maintenance. I redid some of http://www.clearcreekit.com/ yesterday and might be working on the owner's other websites soonish. It's funny how these things just fall into place.

And now I'm looking for a computer. Preferrably a slimline laptop like a sony pcg-r505ts or something else about that size. I'm going to need one and I think that I've been stepping on toes enough here by using paisleychick's little iBook. I need something a bit more powerful and less Macintoshy as well to really serve my needs. I need to find another job, a computer, and a place to live. So if you know anyone that might be selling a laptop, p3 800 or better, 10gb or more, let me know. I've seen bigger things go for 5-600 on e-bay. For that matter, if you know anyone in the San Francisco area that's got a job opening of some sort, I'd love to hear about it.

Besides that, there's a new girl working at the coffeehouse where I've been hanging out. Her name is Brooke, she about 27, and she's trying to get back to teaching. Her last teaching job was at the first grade level, and she wants to try something a little higher than that next. Nice girl, vegan, and she's from Boston. Peter and Lisa (the owner's of said coffeehouse) are busy with lots of stuff right now. Lisa is pregnant, and is doing most of the managerial work here at the coffeehouse. Peter is working on starting up a new recruiting dot-com for high tech/mid tech companies looking for IT personnel and technicians. He requested a copy of my resumé. yay!

Apparently hacked's ex-girlfriend Nancy is moving back to Albuquerque in a few weeks so you all there have something to look forward to. Or you could say that I've given you fair warning. :P


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