April 12th, 2005


Work stuff.

So. Today was my last day shift. Starting tomorrow night, I am the official graveyard OfficeMax Print & Document Services supervisor. I get to start training the new guy tomorrow night, while still attempting to meet deadlines. :) He's going to be fun to work with. A punk, through and through. Arms tattooed, piercings, misfits patch and all. Not sure exactly how old he is, but I'd guess about 20ish.

A raise and a promotion are good things, right? *pout* Why does it have to take away so much of my social life? *pouts again* It's actually a good thing. It will give me a chance to concentrate on the things at work without stressing about what I'm going to wear to club... ;)

At this moment, I'm about to create the new flyer for La Luna Rouge. Our next date of April 22nd is a release party for the new Wumpscut album "Evoke" on Metropolis Records. I think I'll try to make it suitably dark and stompish. *ponder* Also have to fix the website to reflect a few changes... And eventually I'll get back to my project of digitalgoth.com... Eventually. Ah well.

*sigh* Back to the grindstone. Bye kiddies!

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<picture updated with newer one. please check www.lalunarouge.com for older flyers.>

Just a reminder that I do graphic design, as well as a club. ;)

I'm rather proud of this one.