March 7th, 2005


Two things of minor note

...from my favorite quote source. I love you hon, in some weird 'never met you' sort of way.

Enjoy the chamomile; boil it into a tea, spread it throughout your bath water, keep it underneath your pillow. Also, invest in honesty and a gun. If one doesn't work, the other one always will.

What the fuck?!

And now for the actual post:
the girlie and I have decided to move our relationship into the 'casual' realm for the nonce. I don't know how long, nor what the eventual next step will be, but that's where it is at for now. If you feel that is not enough details for you to be satisfied with, then either you can ask me in person, or via e-mail. This post is not the proper place for that conversation. :)

Also about her: She got on the cover of Mission Arts magazine this month! YAY! link here: Go look! There's also a two-page spread inside for her interview! So happy for her about that.

Work is long. Very Longs. er. Long. Yeah. *coughcough coughcough* So I've been working on a corporate account at work for a very long time now... It's fun though... I get to wear my typical BDU pants, black goth band t-shirts, and my leather bracers to work now. :) Working nights has it's perks... Including the fact that I get to listen to whatever music I want now. YAY! NO MORE STUPID MUZAK!!

Now I'm going to bed.

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