March 5th, 2005


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posting this from my iPaq, while sitting in a coffeeshop.

I filed my taxes this morning at about 3:30am... H&R block / E-file. I never had to get dressed, or leave my room. I'm getting $974 back from federal, and $172 from state. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I think thatbit's going to go to a nice LCD monitor, and a decent photo quality printer... but only after I get another gig of RAM. ;)

I'm out down on haight street right now because i've got some shopping to do in a bit... when things are open. Need to get a couple more pairs of black BDU pants now that I don't have to w ar khakis to work.

there are two guys discussing tantric sex techniques... they apparently just met about 5 mimutes ago... Only in San Francisco, on Haight, at 8:45 am on a Saturday morning...

So, now that it's official:
OfficeMax has promoted me to the auspicous position of key-carrying supervisor. I will Be working nights Sunday - Thursday, 10pm - 7am. No more deathguild for me. I will probably be out much less overall in appearance at this point because I will be working while everyone else is out playing. Such is the price of responsibility and a decent pay grade. ;) On the bright side of that, though, I will be able to post to livejournal once a night, and probably be posting quite a lot in the next few weeks, or until my body/brain gets used to the new shift/stress.

Anyone have anything that they'd like to tell me?