January 22nd, 2005


Real entry...

So I got my computer parts! Yay!

The motherboard is abolutely sweet. Like the 'covered in chocolate and candied cherries' kind of sweet. It makes me drool... Put the board, cpu, and memory in the case last night. plugged it all in, and viola! It turns on, it posts, and it lights up blue! Neat! I actually didn't know that it lit up blue until I turned it on. 1gb of ram, athlon 64 3000+ and gigabyte motherboard all working perfectly and purchased for barely over wholesale. Yay for the intarweb! Next month I'm going to be investing in a video card (or two), and hard drive. Monitor the month after that, maybe keyboard/mouse as well. we'll see how finances work out.

This machine is the first I've built with a specific purpose in mind... Always before, it has just been that I needed a computer for everything, and now it is that I need a home computer to do my graphic design work on, and my laptop can be my play machine. Once I get my home computer up and running, I will have much more space on my laptop to do things with.

This is my only day off this week... Working on the new client at work and having to do lots of editing on their files in quarkexpress. We sent someone over there on Thursday to show them how to actually use it correctly and set up a template for them so that next time we won't have to do any editing and can simply print the stuff. The only issue then is that the stock that we are supposed to print this stuff on is not designed to run through our machine... Dammit... So we're spending a bit more money that we had actually intended just on the initial run. Hopefully Xerox can get their act together and adjust the machine so that it will actually run the stuff at the speed it is supposed to... ie: 6000 pages per hour instead of 5000 pages an hour for 2 hours and then breaking.... The machine is a Docutech 6100, and the stock is a double-kiss-cut vynil label stock... Icky stuff on my hands... They feel all cracky and grimy after about 1000 sheets. Gonna go invest in some lotion for the shop.

I have to be in to work tomorrow morning at 8am on my day off... Hopefully I'll be out of there by about noon or 1. I kinda have to be. I need to spend more time with the girly. I've been missing her a lot even though we have still had time together, it hasn't felt quality time, just sort of felt like we were passing time near each other... Not that I have any problems with that, it's just that that is something that shouuld happen every so often, not every day for a week straight. *sigh* Now that we have a process for how to do things at work, my schedule might be re-arranging itself a bit, possibly even to nights. If that happens, I might end up getting a promotion because they need to have someone there at the store with keys and an alarm code... Wouldn't that be amusing? I'd get a real promotion. Neat!

Once my schedule is worked out, I can actually schedule some sleep into it and be awake and active during my time/days off of work. w00t!

On a side note, I'm sitting at a little 'net cafe right now, and have been for almost 5 hours. It feels -really- good to just sit and rest... especially knowing that this is my only day to do so.