August 20th, 2004


Phone Post:

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“umm, yeah... on the corner of haight and masonic right now. we're bored. we just went shopping, so we're headed home.

if there's not mumbling enough for you, you picky bastard — alright.

umm, hmm, and umm some more...

there's a guy standing across the street on the corner asking for change, and i couldn't help but respond with "no, i'm sorry" instead of "no, you stupid moron, why did you tattoo your face so you couldn't get a fucking job?"

oh well.”

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Storm Trooper Urinals?!
Ok, so today's random image comes to you from a very odd string of browsing. I guess I really would call it honestly 'web surfing' is what got me to this picutre...

I saw a link in a the burningman community here on Livejournal to a picture from burningman done by Toogle. To those of you who don't know what Toogle is, I'll explain:

Toogle makes use of the google image search function and then alters the image. I don't know what software they use to do the image alteration, but it really doesn't matter to the story. It takes a search string, goes to google, grabs the first image that comes up for that search string, and then turns the image into colored text. ie: When you go and put in the search string "pr0n", you get a picture of a fairly naked girl, but the picture is drawn by writing the word 'pr0n' out so that it creates the image with multicolored letters... Sorta a new ascii art... Here's the first line of pr0n:

So you get the idea, right? So I was looking for other images that would actually make interesting and easily recognizable text-images and I tried looking for a picture of Darth Vader but couldn't modify the search terms enough to get one that I liked to come up on Toogle. So I tried storm trooper... This picture on the right here is not what came up, but it was one of the ones that google image search brought forth when I went there to revise my search.

So the only reason that I'm not posting pictures in toogle format right now is that there is -soo- much html involved that it seems to overflow livejournal... I would have loved to post the entire 'pr0n' picture on here for your viewing amusement, but instead you get to go do it yourself. (Duh. Not work safe)

Oh yeah, toogle can be found at: Do you have a picture that comes up first in the image search? I was amused... I even got a picture of my brother up on there. (do a search for "kragen.jpg" on Toogle)

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