December 8th, 2003



... are days when I truly am glad I am here.


This morning...

I woke up at like 7:15. No reason, my body just decided to wake up. :) Left over energy from yesterday night is my theory... especially considering that I didn't even get home until like 1AM. I only got like 5 hours of sleep or so... and then just woke up. Vewwy vewwy odd for me!


I have a club job. You all need to come down.

I fully expect to see at least a couple of you there.

La Luna Rouge
America's first wine bar
(they can say that... they've got a wine cellar in the basement, and they make their own wine.)
in the Fugazi building
415 Sansome, San Francisco
9:30 AM - 2:00 AM
5 dollars all night, free before 10 PM
Two floors

Spinning the web of our soundscape is our co-host DJ
Purgatory, crafting an enchanting mix of dark ambient,
swirly goth, and dramatic and elegant dance

Guest DJs TBA
Upstairs in the cabaret lounge
taste local and international wine
we will also be offering wine specials
random raffles and giveaways
and other delicious suprises
and impromptu wonders
creating a night of
decadence for your body and mind

Opening night is going to be January 9th, Friday.


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bush... bad bush!

George W Bush has been Google bombed. Web users entering the words "miserable failure" into the popular search engine are directed to the biography of the president on the White House website.

Full story here.