November 2nd, 2003


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What Irrational Number Are You?
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New icon to go with the new website and such. And now comes the big post o' information about stuff.

If any of you would like e-mail addresses at, let me know, it's free. I can also do image hosting (pics under 500k only please), and various other stuff as well. Let me know if anyone is interested. I'm working on making the website be a functional portal for all things Goth/Industrial on the web (livejournal communities, web shops, newsgroups, local websites, etc) and also goth/industrial information specifically in Albuquerque and San Francisco.

I am currently accepting submissions of websites, web shops, communities, etc for listing in the various sections. I will also be compiling a list of music websites and band information. I would appreciate submissions specifically on music because I cannot hope to find them all by myself. ;)

If you want an e-mail address, I have two types available. One is a simple forwarding account that will act as a mailbox and forward everything to your existing address. The other is a full webmail. I will need the following information if you want an e-mail address
current e-mail address

If you don't feel comfortable posting that information on livejournal, feel free to e-mail it to

Please post comments and submissions to this post.

Thank you,