October 7th, 2003


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Went to deathguild last night. Am very very sore right now. And I realized just how fucking hard it is to dance when the person dancing with you has NO sense of beat. I stopped dancing with her at that point.
Saw lots of people, said hi to many of them. Didn't say hi to the ones that I was too shy to approach. Oh well.


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The US does not require ID as that would limit the free access to
"democracy" we are all supposed to have. That stuff was done away with when
the Poll Tax when bye-bye (if my US History buffer isn't in overflow). But
it is one person, one vote as tallied when you sign off your name and they
check your address.

Funny, though huh?
Everyone is so worried that some hacker who needs big $$$, a computer
science degree and tons of smarts might "hack" a voting computer system, but
any schmo with a phone book, $50 and a pickup full of day workers* can pack
ballot boxes all over the state.