September 30th, 2003


Random links of the day from the SFGoth list.

Now get to clicking...
Women, do you really need to know before that big date? Well, shallow girl,
rate your man’s size:

Xiao Xiao stick theatre gets Matrixed:

Missed Isabella, but want to get a piece of the biggest storm event this
year? Well, just check, you guessed it, eBay:

What? You want more stick figure violence? Well, okay then, here ya go:

Mozart was a genius, but you can compose a sonnet with this lovely dice

Because victims need to come from somewhere:

This is the story of two monkeys in shadow puppet… MONKEY:

Looking for a career change? Fill out the last application you’ll ever need:

Wow… That sure is a nice dress you- Holy Cow! There’s no dress there! (Maybe
not safe for work.):

Impressive body paint art, huh? Here’s a few more looks:

Maybe it’s a little early for Halloween (In this crowd?), but here’s a
little something to bowl you over until then:

You know, with it only a month away, maybe now would be a good time to start
thinking of costumes:

Um… Honey, I’m really sorry about the car, but it’s a funny story, really.
You see…:

Man, I hate when this happens:

Game Time! Telescopes… it can be addictive:

What? You got through the first 15 levels? Okay, here’s some more for ya:

Disney and Dali? The cartoon 50 years in the making:,1412,60385,00.html

“Sweetheart, am I fat?”
“No, baby, THIS is fat:”

Dude, if you’re gonna sell your inline skates on eBay because you hard core
wiped out on them, we really don’t need to see your bruised up ass (Probably
not safe for work.):

The sad reality of the music industry:

This one comes to us from junior fluff master Michael Dautermann. Why he
wants to know this is his business:

Got some spare time, black powder, bowling balls, and some sewage pipe? (Of
course, who doesn’t?):

Thought you Transformers nuts would enjoy this sneak peak (Wait till you see
the 20th anniversary Optimus Prime!)::

Nuts to You (Not safe for work.):

Some Escher pics for you. Use them for wallpaper and mess with your

I’ll never think about fishin’ the same again:

Here’s a film not to be missed:

Still in the mood for more stick figure violence? Here’s the best cover of
“Whiskey in the Jar” with some silly animation. Oh, it’s not safe for work,

When discussing the eighties, I’m often told of the hidden homoerotica in
He-Man… Someone made a song (and a video) about it. And you guessed it, it
ain’t safe for work:


Back (What is he pointing at?):

Milk and Cereal:

Golden Gate Mysteries: A bibliography of crime fiction set in the bay area:

You know, those city homeless are getting more and more crafty:

This guy’s real good at playing with his balls:

If men invented the bra (Probably not safe for work.):

Tech support didn’t believe me when I said I had a real spam problem:

Robert Pratt, another of our junior fluff masters, dug up this little tid
bit. Seems, after wrapping up on the last Lord of the Rings films, Gollum
went and rapped up a new career:

We always push and support the real fellowship of the rap:

And finally, this month in UFO history: