September 22nd, 2003


Week of links.

Let’s get things off to a good start, shall we? Let’s here it for the statue
molesters (Not entirely safe for work.):

Here’s a good example of making the most of what your maker gave you while
showing support for your favorite athlete:

Take that, pigeon:

Business trip? Suffering an injury? Have to spend some time apart? Afraid
she’ll miss you? Afraid you’ll miss him? Well, this should help (Not safe
for work.):

Game Time! Poke a sheep… NO NOT LIKE THAT! (Yeash, just because I wear a

Test your eye… Is it real, or, is it CG:

I’m not sure if it’s rare or not, but I found this in my pokemon deck:

Seems Weber is getting into the PC business. Check out there new case mod:

Yes, she’s a hot, young, singer… But check out what Christina’s button says:

It’s the Playmobile Tarot:

Read up, guys; here’s the 40 mistakes we make with women in bed. (Maybe this
is why I can’t get a date? Language may not be safe for work.):

They finally built the super shitter. Ah, it’s a great time to be alive:

Teddy’s been very bad (Not safe for work):

Suddenly paying more attention to the drink she orders makes much more

We were talking eighties, right? Well, here’s how we track the
eighties… via the cartoons (Bonus points if you can name what series Count
Duckula spun off from.):

Police line up with a surprise end (Not safe for work.):

All it takes is one sprits of Wi-fi to speed up lagging data transfer rates:

“Anywhere” from the crew at Weebl and Bob, staring that loveable monkey…

"My vision is to make the most diverse state on earth, and we have people
from every planet on the earth in this state. We have the sons and daughters
of every, of people from every planet, of every country on earth.” Way to go
Here’s a pretty cartoon:

Here’s another great way to remember the eighties… video arcade games:

Is it me, or are more and more of these concept cars looking like the space
age Hot Wheels:

More from the Frankfurt motor show:

Oh honey, look at the cute lemur in the tree:

Wow… I need to get me one of these girls. Or, maybe some of you need to buy
some of this:

Simple, crude, and right to the point:

Hello nurse!!! Here’s a shop for all those medical fetishes out there. (Hey
nurse, does this look infectious to you? ):

This babe sure has a hairy one:

The sad reality of tech shows:

I’ve heard of women going overboard with scarp books, but this is ridiculous
(Not safe for work.):

This is what you get when you let people make cartoons in a country were
drugs are legal:

And now, the gallery of Belladonna (Not safe for work, but does wonders for
the… um… eyes.):

What? Well, it was either that or this tuber gallery:

Here’s a toy that just screams “Hours of playtime fun”:

Because everybody wants to see gnomes in academic dress:

Looking for those odd sound files to perk up you play list? Well, here ya go

With amazing push button shushing power! Oh, I want one of these:

“The difference between porn and art is shadows.” Industrial erotica (Not
safe for work.):

The newest name in crime fighting… Teed Off Trud? Oh crap:

Everyone gets to see what Ben ain’t gettin’ (Probably not safe for work.):

Damn, I see this and even I would rather be surfing:

More wiener for Stefy (Not safe for work.):

Not going to make it to November for the final Matrix? Here’s some Matrix
comics for you to hold you over:

What lazy SOB needs one of these? Only in Japan, I guess:

They’ve taken out the actor, can you name the movie:

Andy Milonakis wants you to check out his Crispy New Freestyle (language not
safe for work.):

Say, how long has it been since we had a DDR night, anyway:

“What do you mean we’re out of peanut butter?! Death to you all I say!”:

Women in wetsuits on grass… now that’s random:

It’s Maaaaagggic:

Game Time! Can you spot the 5 differences between these pictures:

Yikes! Alien cat lose in our cities:

File under “Stupid big boobed human tricks” (Maybe not safe for work.):

Make your own epic historical tapestry with this fun, online kit:

In America we terrorize schools with guns. In Japan, it’s half naked men
with katana:

I’d like to point out that the next killer robot soldier is coming to us
from Glasgow:

You know, I keep looking at the picture, but I don’t see it: