September 18th, 2003


And in tdoyas nwes:

Yes, I'm still playing with graphical rendering. I'll do more ascii art in a bit.
This is my latest work, though I think it's one that I'm never going to be truly 'done' with.

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In reference to the pic above: I must have...

modified a pic of me.
made this thing from scratch.
modified a pic of someone else.
used a default model and done some tweaking.
All of the above.

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Ok, so the last night of House of Voodoo at Big Heart City is tomorrow night. Then they're going to be finding a new venue. I'll be there all night, hopefully I can find some space to dance by myself this time. On the flip side of that coin, maybe I'll meet some people that are actually fun to talk to outside of a club atmosphere.