September 16th, 2003


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Ok. So I went to deathguild last night as usual. Club was fun, but I feel like a whore. I danced with the same girl that I danced with last week. Thas was fun until 2 others joined in and I had to get off the floor because I couldn't breathe in the middle of 3 girls. For note, the one that I didn't know came up afterwards and introduced herself, whereupon the converstaion went as such:

Her: You're a lot of fun to dance with.
Me: Thank you. (insert smile) My name is Jay.
Her: I'm Susan. (insert giggly high school smile)
Me: I know.
Her: What? How could you know that?
Me: (as I turn to walk off;) I listen. (I promptly escaped right as I saw her boyfriend/fiancee walking up behind her.)

Three or four songs later, it happened again, same situation. It's hard enough to keep rhythm with just one person... It's nearly impossible to do it with 3, all of whom are different heights and builds. Ok. So. Back to the first girl that I met last week. She's cute, intelligent, 21, and isn't obsessed with death or polygamous relationships. Girl #2 got into a fight with her fiancee right after club for dancing with me. I overheard as I was waiting to give someone else a ride home. (no, it really was just a ride to her house) Girl #3 I met 2 weeks ago, she's from Cambridge, England, nice girl, really way to hyper for me to be able to track conversation with. She reminds me of a blonde, english version of wvwdarkladywvw that has overdosed on some sort of stimulant. Dear god.

Girl #1 found me before she left to give me a hug and tell me that it was very 'distracting' to dance with me and that it was my fault that she kept losing beat. I smiled, said something inane about how she was the distraction and not I, kissed her goodnight and she left without saying another word.

Girl #2 was busy enough fighting with her fiancee on the sidewalk outside club that I was able to escape safely.

Girl #3 (english girl) wants me to call her this week so we can get together somewhere outside of deathguild. I might.

Other person that I gave a ride home to was the first person to ever talk to me at deathguild. Wonderful girl, geeky, intelligent, and completely not an option for anything but friendship in my book.

At least the music was good, right?

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Two things of note. Both in the humor category:

First off. For all of you who have worked in retail, or are currently working in retail, you'll want to read this.:
I laughed for hours and hours. I couldn't help but remember when I said some of those same things when I was managing the cigarette store.


That is all.


Relayed from a mailing list I'm on...

The US Legislators are apparently not satisfied with the success of the
PATRIOT act at instilling fear into the populace. Now they're pushing for
a successor, "VICTORY" act, which would make trafficking drugs a terrorist
crime under the label "Narco-terrorism". They've already prosecuted
several meth lab runners under PATRIOT under the guise that Meth is a
"Chemical weapon", but this new bill has lots of other interesting things.
Such as requiring burden of proof on the judge to reject wiretaps, instead
of burden of proof on law enforcement for requesting them.

Cause, you know, we're ALL "neuro-terrorists" when you think about it.
Thinking bad thoughts about your government makes you one.

Aak! I had a naughty thought!
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