September 14th, 2003


Links for the weekend.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the mother of all PC cases:

Mr. Moss is the meat and potatoes man; he’d like you to eat him:

For the lady that loves a fashionable handbag AND vintage cars:

Masturbation statistics… you know, in case you’re curious:

Game Time. You’re a little fish in a big pond. So eat up them smaller

Pictures of cemeteries with ambient effects… and there e-cards, too:

I wonder if this would really help sausage sales (Might not be safe for

Gay, straight, or bi… this is just a damn weird wedding favor:

Game Time! Soar high with Canyon Glider:

Smurfs in the 21st century:

Have that sudden urge to rebuild you Smurf collection? Take a gander here:

Game Time. Have some racing fun with Knugg Rally:

Before you say you’re the biggest Disney fan ever, have a look at this guy:

Monkey vs. Robot… MONKEY!:

The engineer’s guide to romance… A lot of you should read this:

Or, you could just by this and invite her over for gaming (Pics maybe not
safe for work.):

This is either a great sports blooper or a new sexual fetish… either way,
it’s a bad day to be a midget. (I’ll never complain about being short

The karate monkey… MONKEY!:

Enter your age and see what people in history accomplished when they were
your age. Then fell like a loser, get motivated, and go out and do

A new revolution in underwear… Sacfree! (Um… I’d just as soon skip the
underwear, thanks.):

A collection of photos from just about anywhere they could be found… I hope
I remembered to shred those Polaroids before I tossed them out:

I got told there were lots of boob pictures but nothing for the people that
don't want to look at boobs. Okay, sweetheart; is this enough for you?
(Not safe for work or men’s egos.):

Enjoy kids!


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I'm sure most of you are aware of the 6 degrees of separation theory. I found a neat little livejournal specific 6-degree tool. Go check my profile. It's n33t!