September 9th, 2003


Idiotic Christians that aren't open-minded enough to be christian.

epiphanyofhope said this in response to the article I posted about the 2.5 ton graven image.
2003-09-08 22:15 <link>
Such a shame... Totally misunderstand the context of everything in the Bible...

So I responded with:
*sigh* You are the shame.
2003-09-09 12:21
You are an idiot. I'm sorry, but there's a couple things you need to understand:

A) There wasn't any 'context' to understand in that article because the only thing out of the bible it covered was the 10 commandments. There was no context to the 10 Commandments, they were exhibited 'as is', there weren't any lines of scripture between them, ie: no context.

B) That article was a very accurate portrayal of how americans that don't proscribe to the christian religion feel about a judge attempting to press his beliefs on us. You may not have a problem with the "basic moral code" represented there, but I do. So do many many people, some of whom were our "Founding Fathers". You may recall that in this country, we have something called Freedom of Religion. That means all religions, not just yours. Until it's ok to post a copy of the Wiccan code of faith in every courthouse across the country, I don't want to see your commandments there either.

C) Whether you appreciate it or not, "Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me" is a plain and grevious violation of the aforementioned freedom of religion.

If you have any questions as to why people see it as a problem, feel free to e-mail me at, or post in response to this. I have no compunction about taking sides in this particular dispute and really would like to hear how you can justify a federal judge putting a 2 and a half ton graven image in a courthouse. If you are going to be stereotypically closemindedly christian, you can keep your idiosyncratic bullshit to yourself.


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Randomly answered questions.

Top Five
Name the top five ugliest rock stars you can think of:
1. Mick Jagger
2. Mick Jagger
3. Steven Tyler
4. Jello Biafra

Name your tive five favorite scents:
1. Waking up next to someone in the morning
2. Vanilla
3. Rain
4. Electricity - Ozone
5. Coffee, freshly gound by me.

Name your top five greatest fears:
1. Being alone.
2. Letting the 'right' person leave. Again.
3. Losing the faith of my friends.
4. Being forced into a situation where I would have to kill someone.
5. Not being able to support myself.

Name your top five favorite every day people (in no particular order)
1. My sister-in-law. paisleychick
2. Lisa, the woman that own's Nani's Coffee
3. My sister.
4. Susannah, though I never see her anymore.
5. My Em'.

Name your top five most hated celebrities:
I can't really answer this part. I need to know someone before I can even come close to hating them.

Name your top five favorite things to do:
1. People watching.
2. LJ browsing (for the same reason as people watching.)
3. Dancing at clubs.
4. Sleeping (because I don't do it enough, and haven't for years)
5. Learning to program higher-level languages via practical application.

Name the first five people on your LJ that you want to meet and haven't yet:
1. mikela
2. ocean_fever_fae
3. ogredrew
4. larknorthstar
5. kayamackan

Name your top five annoyances:
1. Intentional ignorance.
2. Irrational arguing, coherent or not.
3. Intentionally aggravating behavior under the knowledge that said behaviour is aggravating.
4. Condescendence. Nothing irritates me more than to tell me that I don't know what I'm talking about just because you don't agree with me.
5. amenlover


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Is anyone else having speed issues with the livejournal servers? I'm even a paid member and am supposed to be on the "fast" servers, but I've been gettings -lots- of timeouts since they put their new skin/layout into effect.