August 10th, 2003


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I have very little patience for some things:

When someone posts on livejournal a public entry that asks for help or advice, they should expect resonses to it. They should not go and cuss at me when I respond with realistic advice that got told me at one point in time and helped out my situation that was rather similar. If they don't want public responses, they shouldn't make public posts. There is a setting called "friends-only" for specifically this. You can even go in and specify -which- friends by using the friends group editor.

Are there any questions on this part?

When someone posts on livejournal bitching about the exact scenario outlined above, and then specifically names me and bitches at me, despite the fact that the post that I responded to was A) public, and B) requesting advice.

Anything not clear about that part?


(p.s. Yes, those are two open questions to the public. Feel free to respond. Anyone.)
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