August 7th, 2003


The links for this very early morning are somber.

Only 2 subjects of any real importance. Both are depressing.

I'm not voting for the bastard.

I might vote for this bastard instead.

And the other subjuct is;

Some of you might have been following the SCO vs. IBM/linux lawsuit currently in the news. Those of you that haven't, should be. Here's the news today:

Matthew Szulik, Chairman and CEO of Red Hat, said "The collaborative process of Open Source software development which created the Linux operating system has been unjustly questioned and threatened.

"In its role as industry leader, Red Hat has a responsibility to ensure the legal rights of users are protected."


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Defcon Shoot.

Some of you might have gone to the Defcon Shoot this last weekend at Defcon in Las Vegas. You might have noticed that the Shoot was organized by a guy who goes by CHS, and that he was not at the shoot. Collapse )

Reasons that the Patriot Act sucks. Read the above snip.

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OK, so I finally got around to updating my profile, my website, my bryce3d gallery on my website, and I will be putting a realistic pic of me up at some point. I also went through my friends list, added some people, joined a couple more communities, and even removed a couple people.

I'm still looking for a fulltime job here in San Francisco to supplement my income, so if you know of anything, please let me know. Telecommuting I can do as well. I'm coming up on the point where I either find a job, or ship myself back to Albuquerque where I can sit and mope for a while until I save up a couple thousand dollars and come back out here. *sigh*

I think I'm going to start looking for a lan party group here in SF now that I've actually got a real computer here. Something regular to keep me amused and hopefully divert my mind from the more gruesome parts of life for a night a week.

Finally caught up on all my friends entries. Checked out the photos posted about defcon, read up on everyone's asundry drama, and decided that I really don't belong in that group. I'm better off out here in CA, even if I do only know like 4 people.

More later.

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