August 5th, 2003


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Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
CategoryYour Score Average
Explored the pleasures of the flesh
It takes a couple of drinks
Sex Drive 44.7%
I got needs, baby, you gotta unnastan'!
Knows the other body type like a map
Gayness 55.4%
Had that experience at camp

Ok. Updates.

So. Here I am, typing away on my new laptop. YAYAYAYAY! WOOHOO!! and like, w00t, and stuff. Sony PCG-R505JL. P3 750, ultralight, etc etc etc. go look up stats on google if you want to know more. I'm very very happy with it so far. And, it only cost me $570! And so far, there's nothing wrong with it. it even has the extended battery. :)

I'm fucking ecstatic.... or vice versa...

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Links of today

Harmonizing Horses:

You can either karaoke in Spanish:

Or, how about like a death metal rocker:

You might even learn a thing, or two, while you do:

And then there are those that just shouldnt:

Sometimes karaoke can be happy and fun (If you can keep up.):

Sometimes the words make no sense, but it just feels good:

And sometimes you dont need words; just a squirrel with a banjo and a
penguin with a guitarand the boys of Hazard county:

Okay, okay, enough of that, its time for public service. How about How to
keep your parents off the Internet:

Damn, and you Christians, Muslims, and Jews thought you had the market on
brutal hellsSilly Hinuds:

Heypull my fingergo aheadpull it:

Just so you can keep it all straight in your head; the Matrix Character

Im sure Bible scholars around the world are shaking their heads in disgust
Silly Christians:

Bad guys bewareIts the SISSY SQUAD:

Now, these are the heroes Id like to see come to my rescue (Probably not
too safe for work.):

Arrogant Bastard AleYep, Ive had the stuff:

Ninjas rob bank and disappearnot a movie plot, it actually happened:

Because I havent done anything truly tasteless in a whileIts the Kobe
Bryant story told in legosand not very safe for work:

I could spill endless puns and rants about the asinine level of this piece,
but Ill just say one wordmertosexual:

The gamers are coming, hooray hooray, the gamers are coming, hooray:

While the practical applications for the computer geek are obvious, Id like
to see what the Internet porn people come up with for this:

Push buttonlight go onpush buttonlight go offpush buttonNOT SAFE

Two women discuss the Line of Masculinitybe nice if theyd discuss it
with US:

WARNING: The following material is rather politically charged, and could
lead to very heated debate, both here, and in the world at largeThe case
of the Federal Government vs. Sherman Austin:

South African Gay party to go hard-coreand not the way youre thinking:

Picture phone foils attempted kidnapping:

Now you can take a bath with Kiss:

Free the Gnomesraise upliberate, my brothers:

Find out how your name ranks in AmericaWell, at least Im in the "unique" category:

Only in CaliforniaAnd no, I wont vote for himWell, maybe:

Now this story just breaks my heart:

NASA to attempt return to Mars in 2008about fucking time:

Yeah, its in French; but there are some great images here:

Its foreign; it must be goodum, yeah:

For the starting bid of only $2000, you can become a voyeur in our home
and see what we do when the blinds are drawn. Up for bids onyou guessed

Junkie Michael Dautermann is a little worried that getting a 404 might upset
some of you more sensitive types here. Maybe, he told me, if they had THIS
page up instead, the world would be a happier place:

This definitely goes under the heading What the Fuck?! Someone, please,
get me a translationsilly Japanese (Not safe for work.):

And finally, its

GAME TIME! And keeping with the current flame theme, lets invoke some real
Wrath of God kind of stuff, huh? Its Wrath II:
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