July 4th, 2003


I broke down...

...and paid for livejournal. Just so I could embed it in my website correctly. Dammit... the things I pay for... oh well.

I suppose I should get around to figuring out all the little things that I can do with it now that I'm paying for it. Any suggestions on what I should do/learn?
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Trying out a new client.

Ok, so I'm trying out a livejournal client for mac.... Phoenix 1.8.0 We'll see how well it works.
I'm trying to figure out what to say when I call the girl back. I'm sure something will come to me if I just pick up the damn phone. All else fails, I'll see her again on monday at deathguild.
I think I'm going to have to figure out a whole lot more about html before I go and do lots of embedding of my LJ into my website, but we'll see. it only took me a day to learn cgi scripting and basic perl... embedding via javascript can't be much harder I suppose.
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That was, by far, the best fireworks show I've ever seen. Kirtland couldn't compete with that. It was out at Pier 39, out over the bay. Nearly 40 minutes straight of ear slamming, body pounding, eye blinding explosions. Fantastically amazing.
For note though, they must have had someone toiling away in a back room for the last year or two making new designs... They had 2 new ones that I'd never seen before: The first one exploded in a massive boom, and turned into the outline of a star. literally, a 2-d outline of a 5 pointed star. In red, white, and blue of course. Nicely done, impressive feat of pyrotechnics. The second one was A HAPPY FACE. Yes, they made a happyface firework. No idea how, I'm not a pyrotechnician, but they did it. Red circular outline, 1 bright green dot for each eye, and a blue smile. You know what the little emoticons look like on AIM? Yah, JUST FUCKING LIKE THAT. Oh well, at least it shows that they've been trying. :) even if it was a fucking smiley. *chuckles* It was also nicely done and is definetly an impressive feat of pyrotechnics. Maybe I'm in the wrong field.
And the fire department and police are out in force, as usual. Rather amusing to hear non-stop sirens in the background noise of popping, whistling, screaming, banging, booming, etc.

Anyway, now I've gotta find something to do. I watched Run Lola Run earlier. Good movie, nice soundtrack, excellent score. I think I'll go pick out a different movie for now and if I'm tired by the end of it, I'll go lay down with a book.

G'night kids, hope you all had fun at the BBQ at djsparkydog's house in ABQ. I hope the rest of you had fun doing whatever/whoever it was you did for your 4th. Paisleychick, Kragen, hope you enjoyed the wedding. Tell them I said congrats. :)

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