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Work. Soo much work.

But on the plus side, my paycheck tomorrow has the following on it:
Regular hours: 80.0
Overtime hours (1.5x): 23.6
Doubletime hours (2.0x): 3.0
So... um.... yeah.... That means that in the last 2 weeks, I worked over 105 hours total... ie: 10.5 hours per day, 5 days each week... Except that I took 3 days off last week, and had two days the week before that were only 7 hours each...

Why do I do this to myself? Oh yeah... Two reasons:
A) Getting a paycheck that is >$1000
B) Working that much in a place where I don't have to be in high mental gear enables me to have more time to ponder out problems of my own that aren't work-related at all. (family issues, girl problems, other work... etc)

So it's now 2:40pm on Thrusday. I've been up since like 9pm last night... The girly and I watched the rest of LOTR:ROTK last night, and then I tucked her in and left for work... Started work at 4:00am sharp. Took lunch at 8am sharp, and left at 12:25pm. I should probably be sleeping right now, but really can't do that at...
yay! Jen called! I'ma go meet her for dinner or somethin in like 3 hours. I haven't seen her since she stopped dating Gwydion.
...this point because I would completely ruin my sleeping schedule for the next week that I have strived so hard to turn into a nocturnal phase. :D *chuckle*

Still waiting on my keys so I can say to hell with everyone else's schedule at work, I'm going to work nights! Damn you all! Well... ok... maybe not. I'd simply work nights so that I didn't have to deal with having to put the 'cuss' back into the 'cusstomers'... :)

Ok... gotta run off to the post office to mail my tax return signature e-file form to the IRS so that they don't come searching for me next week. ;)


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