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“Alright, so it's 11:10 PM and I just left work. Fuuuuck! But, on the bright side, this means overtime, so ya-ay.

...So we're doing this printing for the new client... I have to babysit the machine. It's ridiculous. They sent us a bunch of files, said "here, print these, here's the stuff, blah, bla blah..."

It was great, it was fine, it was dandy. I have to fix every single goddamn file. They're 120 pages apiece. Got to fix like four things on every fuckin' page, gonna take me hours.


It's okay. S'okay, s'alright. It's what they're paying me for, Right? *sigh* Oh well.

So it's 11:10 and I'm finally going home. I was at work for nine hours today, nine hours yesterday, probably 10 or 11 tomarrow. We'll see. What a pain in the ass. Oh well. *sigh*

Life is good. Life is fine. Life is- peachy. Um, yeah, that's it.”

Transcribed by: threadwalker

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