Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

Phone Post:

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“So I'm sitting at lunch break, and I swear to God, Elvis just walked by me. I mean, Jesus Christ. The guy was like six feet and he looked like Elvis. Things like that just shouldn't happen.

Yeah, real update. Alright, umm.. Elvis did just walk right by - oh well. Anyway, um, lunch, yeah. Work is hell, work is long hours. Work is - We're getting a new machine, new accounts, tuning machines, lots of hectic crap. I'm working overnight next week! Yay. Like two or three nights, getting our new machine running. Correctly.

Oh, things are hectic. I got a bed, I got a desk and my house is coming together! Yay! Go me. Um, I got the bed for free so I didn't actually have to spend a hundred dollars so instead I'm buying computer parts. Hmm, I sense a trend coming on.

Anyway, that's me, in a nutshell. Bye!”

Transcribed by: phyxius

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