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So cold here. So beautiful.

Got an interesting thing from my father and step-mother for christmas... The gave me this thing called "The Journey to Wild Divine." http://www.wilddivine.com/

I'm not entirely sure how much I'm going to get into it, but it might be interesting. It should run on my laptop, so I'll probably spend a day at a coffeeshop with it or something.

Sitting here watching Epoch: Evolution on the sci-fi channel with my father and my cousin. SciFi started doing Battlestar: Galactica! Yay! It'll be great visual effects, but I'll hafta watch it to say about the plotlines... Maybe I can go bit-torrent an episode or two... Hmmm...

It is currently a little over 0 degrees outside, and a little under 5 degrees. There's a couple inches of fresh powder on the ground from yesterday morning. I'm planning on setting up shop on the back yard somewhere tomorrow and taking a bunch of pictures, maybe using my father's pet rabbit for a model. It's this really cute stark black holland lop.

We're laying 16" tile downstairs in the recently remodelled basement. Did about 80 square feet earlier today, including most of the downstairs bedroom. Tomorrow we'll be cutting the tile and doing the edges, as well as the rest of the exercise room.

This is a beautiful place to visit, but I'm quite sure that I'd never want to live here. Far far far too cold and dry outside right now.


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