Xander (digitalgoth) wrote,

K. Got a new power adapter for my laptop after the old one started smoking, fizzling, and making popping noises... Dammitttt....

Oh well.

Got the rest of the pics from Tokyo Dark Castle up: http://www.digitalgoth.com/img/tdc-other/

In there amidst those are pics of my --new roommates--. :) Yay! I is moving! Not far, but it will just about double my commute to work... ;) ie: now it'll be 10 minutes instead of 5... The new roommates are the girl in #3, and the guy on the far right in #4. Better pic of them both would be #26, far left couple.

Yay for washer, dryer, dishwasher, and -two- fireplaces! I get to decorate... and hardwood floors.

OK, and for those of you that enjoy links oh so much, here's the one for today. It's somethin that my sister-in-law found and I never got around to posting it on here, so I will now (on the day before election day...)




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