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Point #1:
I choose my friends. Not my parents. Not my family. Not anyone else but me.

Point #2:
When I call someone a friend, that means that I care about them enough to respect them as a person, and have a desire to understand them better.

Point #3:
One of my friends told me on thursday that I shouldn't be friends with one my of other friends. ie: "You really shouldn't be friends with him." Yes, those were her exact words.

Point #4:
When someone tells me that sort of thing, I get irritated. It is more likely to cause me bias against the person telling me that than it is to cause bias against the person that is the cause of the angst. ie: It will push me away.

If you choose to respond to this, you will only be identifying yourself for the masses. I don't want to be involved in your drama. I don't need to be. Leave me the fuck out of it. If that means marking me off of your christmas list because I have a desire to hear both sides of the story before taking a side, fine. I'd rather be off that list than in company of people who do exactly that.

Now I'm off to bed. I need a day off... I haven't had one in a month and a half.


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