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I'm very glad I stretched before that... Thank you Psyclon_9 for a fun show. With the exception of the dick-waving, I loved it all. Even the part where I got punched in the ribs by some girl because I pushed her friend... I hate it when girls push into a mosh pit and expect not to get pushed back.

So this girl pushed me. Largeish, about 5'10", 5'11" with extra height added from her shoes, about 160-170 lbs. She specifically dug her claw-like nails into my back and shoved me. I, being in the middle of a mosh pit, simply turned around and pushed her back, then went on my merry way until I felt a fist hit my lower right ribs. Not hard enough to hurt, but certainly hard enough for me to notice that it was not a mosh-pit-fist... I turned around and caught 4 more attempted punches in my hands before the person trying to punch me laid off. (note, I never even started a blow against -this- girl) Apparently a friend of the girl that had just shoved me, and all she saw was me pushing her friend... Me, the girl who punched me, and a large security guard went outside. The girl apologized, then the girl who shoved me to start with came outside and started calling me names, apparently for breaking her shoe... I went back inside without another backwards glance. All the guys in the pit were still there, so were the 3 other girls, and they all smiled real big when I shoved my way back in.

Made my night to have a fair security guard at a mosh pit type of show. Marshall did a good show on stage, we had fun pushing eachother around in the audience, and no one got seriously hurt except maybe a girl named Amber who might have gotten a black eye from a wayward elbow.

Now I get to do a minor edit to the http://www.lalunarouge.com/ website and then sleep. Mmmmmm... Sleep...


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