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I just fell 15,000 feet out the side of an airplane. Almost three miles. We were in freefall for about 10,000 feet of it at somewhere between 120mph and 150mph in a tandem jump. Hit some thermals about halfway through the canopied part of the ride that made it about twice as long as it was going to be.


That was by far the most amazing view I've ever had. Kind of odd to come to a realization that you are falling at over a hundred mph straight at the solid earth and you don't have an adrenaline rush. I was too busy looking at the view and enjoying the experience to get scared by it. In a few years when I've got a solid schedule in life, I'm going to take that up as my sport. Free falling.


No words can describe the feeling of jumping out of a plane and having the thin air shoved forceably into your lungs. I can say that it was 'amazing' and 'wow' and 'fantastic' and 'utterly changing', but that doesn't tell you what it's like.


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